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Return of purchased products

You may return the purchased products within 14 days, under the following conditions:
1. The contract has violations of its physical integrity, its packaging and its contents;
2. The goods ordered are delivered or invoiced incorrectly;
3. If there are factory defects for which the customer is not notified.
In the above-mentioned cases, all return shipping costs are at the expense of NIK STYLE Ltd.

The buyer is entitled without cause and without due compensation or penalty within 14 days of receipt of the goods to return the same if it has not been used and the integrity of the package is not impaired. In this case, the buyer owes the direct costs of returning the products.
The consignment must be sent by the same courier company, which has delivered the goods to the city of Varna 33 Debar Str. Or Sofia 128 Simeonovsko shose Blvd. or transferred to a place in one of our stores addresses.
Upon receipt of the shipment, we will receive a confirmation or a confirmation email confirming its receipt. The content of the shipment will be reviewed and processed by our team, and you will receive a final email notification containing details of the refund: product name, value, IBAN. Please be sure to check the data in this email.
Upon return of the goods in the above cases, the amount paid will be refunded to the account from which the payment was made. You may explicitly specify another bank account on which you will be refunded the price paid by the returned goods, as you are required to specify in the event that the payment of the order is made not by bank transfer.
Please note that a customer of NIK STYLE Ltd. can not return a purchased product and / or claim damages / compensation in the following situations:
– if the return of a product caused by any situation is made within a period exceeding 14 days of the business day following the date of conclusion of the contract.
– If the returned product is not in the state in which it was delivered, including in the original package with all the labels attached and all accompanying documents.
In case of refund of product value, this will be done within 14 days after confirmation of the return.
In all cases, the return and re-sending costs are at the expense of the Customer, except in the case of violation of delivery, not by your fault, for which NIK STYLE Ltd. will bear the cost of delivery.

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