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Dining table OVAL 160/90

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Ovalna trapezna masa s metalni kraka i plot ot masiv ot ekzotichno dŭrvo Mango.

Razmer na plota 160/90 sm.

debelina na plota: 6 sm.

Visochina na masata: 78 sm.


Oval dining table with metal legs and solid exotic Mango wood top.

Table size 160/90 cm.

thickness of the tabletop: 6 cm.

Table height: 78 cm.


The dining room is one of the most important parts of the home. It is the room where we spend a large part of our free time. 
The right furniture is a very important part of the dining room.
 The choice of a dining table these days is made easier by the wide variety of materials, as well as models of different sizes.
 Choose the most suitable table for you according to the space you have, the style of the furniture, the materials.
OVAL trapezoidal table combines the modern look, ease of use, strength of the materials and the classic warmth of the wood.

The table is made of a solid metal construction and a top made of natural Mango wood, handmade and unique in itself. 
Each individually made top has a unique pattern and edge finish. The size of the top is 160/90 cm with an oval shape.
трапезна маса,масив,дърво,Oval HM8482.11

трапезна маса,масив,дърво,Oval HM8482.11


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