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Dining table НМ9308



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Dining table NM 9308 – made of metal structure with legs size 6×6 cm in black color and a top made of sintered/artificial/stone in black color with a thickness of the top 12 mm.

Size: 160/90 cm.

Height: 75.00 cm.

Weight: 60 kg.

The dining room is the place in our home where we spend a large part of our free time. The comfort and convenience in this room is of great importance. 
The dining table is the piece of furniture that brings the family together for dinner and especially on holidays. 
That is why we should make our right choice when buying a dining table. Its size must be consistent with the size of the room in which we want to place it.
In addition, the number of chairs that we would like to place around it is also of great importance. 
Therefore, it is necessary to choose a table whose legs prevent sitting around the table.
 The design and materials are also extremely important, since we have to be consistent with the rest of the interior of our home.

At the moment, there is a wide variety of dining tables on the market. We present to you Dining table NM9308.
 It is made of metal structure in black color and a top of technical stone - sintered stone, imitating natural stone, but lighter and extremely strong and resistant.
Sintered stone is a matrix (mold) of minerals, such as granite, quartz, pieces of glass, etc., that are heated (glued together) to form a hard, 
impermeable mass, resulting in a surface that cannot be scratched, etched, burned or contaminated. 
In fact, even in its properties, this material is very similar to ceramics, but it is even better! 
To the untrained eye, this material is not easily distinguishable from other ceramic materials and has many advantages such as: 
Unaffected by weather conditions Unaffected by heat or cold Waterproof
Rust resistant (does not corrode) Very difficult to cut, scratch or damage Easy to clean Food safe and hygienic Non-porous meaning it does not absorb harmful
 substances such as bacteria etc. Surprisingly light Can be recycled The size of the table is suitable for 6 people,
 but the leg of the table is sufficiently folded and compact, so that in a certain situation more chairs can be arranged.
 Size: 160/90 cm.
 Height: 75.00 cm. 
Weight: 60 kg.
Weight 60 kg


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