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Dining table ND 605

ND 605 - N1


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Extendable dining table with a new, innovative extendable mechanism – by rotating the main table, the two side auxiliary tables come out and are fixed automatically. The color of the table is white marble. The construction is matte black. The thickness of the top is 12 mm ceramic/sintered stone/ type.

Dimensions: 120/85 cm. with stretching to 180 cm.

Height: 74 cm.

The dining room in our home is one of the most important rooms. That is why its interior is particularly important. The dining table is an extremely important interior element in the furniture. It must be in accordance with the size of the room and the rest of the interior, so that it fits into the setting. The dining table must offer a modern look, clean shapes ,strong materials for long use and suitable colors.

Dining table ND 605 is a combination of all this. Its sturdy construction is made of steel profiles painted in black, and the top is made of sintered stone. This is a type of ceramics with exceptional strength. This type of tops are non-combustible, do not absorb liquids and do not they are tinted, scratch-resistant, unbreakable, and visually look like marble or stone, depending on their color. The thickness of the tops is 12 mm. Dining table ND 605 has a new, innovative extension mechanism that allows you to easily and quickly extend the table with just one turn of the main table without any effort. When turning the main table, the two auxiliary tables automatically come out and are fixed, like this way, the table changes from size 120/85 cm when closed to 180/85 cm when extended. The color of the top is white marble.


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