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Garden chair НМ5854



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Chair made of aluminum construction in black and white and braided natural rattan on the back, seat and armrests. Chair NM5854 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use both at home and in public places and beaches.
55.5×58.5x78H cm.
Aluminum frame: Φ32
Aluminum thickness: 1.2mm

Chair HM5854 is a wonderful model! Modern, comfortable and stable! The two-tone coloring of a white or black frame with BEIGE RATTAN braiding on the seat, backrest and armrests is unique. The back is rounded and hugs the body, and the seat, instead of a cushion, is a soft rattan weave. This armchair will aesthetically renew the space you have laid down and attract around it thanks to the materials of manufacture. Also, the fact that it can be stacked on top of each other is very practical as you can keep it in as little space as possible.
The armchair frame is made of powder-coated aluminum. Aluminum is a “green” material that can be recycled indefinitely, retaining its characteristics without quality degradation. Aluminum naturally forms a thin oxide layer on the surface in contact with air, which provides very good corrosion protection, even in a corrosive environment. This layer is further reinforced by powder coating.
Chair NM 5854 is woven with high-quality natural rattan. Rattan is the best and used natural material for furniture production. Rattan grown in Indonesia is the highest quality and most durable material than others grown in other regions. Like all rattan, it is a naturally growing type of vine that is native to the tropical regions of Australia, Asia and Africa. For productive use, its bark is removed and used for weaving. Often the core is not lost and is used for different types of furniture. With more than 600 different species, RATANA can be distinguished as a strong fibrous plant similar to bamboo and used for furniture because it is light, durable, flexible and attractive.


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