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Aluminum stand for a table with 4 legs and an expansion ring, increasing the step of the table for use on larger countertops.
 Suitable dimensions of countertops: 80/80 cm., 90/90 cm., 100/100 cm. and round up to φ 100 sm.

Height; 70.00 cm.

Weight: 6.50 kg.
Aluminum table stands are a desirable product for furnishing summer restaurants, gardens, terraces, hotels, beach bars, etc. due to their corrosion resistance.

The PLATIN GRAND table stand is made of powder-coated cast aluminum.
 It is equipped with an additional ring that increases the distance between the four legs of the stand, 
thus making it suitable for larger table sizes such as 90/90 cm, 100/ 100 cm or 110 cm. 
The legs of the stand are equipped with plastic adjusting legs against the table shaking on uneven floors.
PLATIN GRAND table stand is issued by the seller in a disassembled form, packaged in a box, such as folding and is carried out by and at the expense of the buyer,
 or for an additional payment by the seller!!!

Height: 70.00 cm.

Weight: 6.50 kg.
Weight 6.5 kg


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